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Jerrika Smith

Website: http://www.savedgirlsrock.com

Joined on: January 11th, 2011

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  • Afia_Boadu:

    1) Modesty is always key in a woman’s attire. Especially a saved girl who rocks! Although modesty is a controversial topic, a truly saved girl would feel convicted by the holy spirit if she is not dressed in a manner appropriate to God and not the world. Ask yourself this question before you put on an outfit, “If I was meeting Jesus would i ant Him to see me in this?” We are representing God my fellow sisters. Lets make sure our attire is right.

  • Had some technical difficulties…which wiped out my topics and comments so here they are once again…Log In and Let’s Chat!!!

    1.) What’s Hot and What’s Not…For Saved Girls Attire

    2.) Dating or Mating or are you Waiting??

    3.)Is Secular music okay for the church of today?

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